Trinity: Equilateral Triangle

As one of the oldest symbols for the Trinity, the equilateral triangle emphasizes the equality of the Persons of the Trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are, as confessed in the Athanasian Creed, equal in glory. They are all uncreated, infinite, eternal, almighty, God and Lord, yet are distinct persons and one God.

The equilateral triangle, with its apex upward is one of the oldest of the Trinity emblems. Its sides are equal, its angles equal, and it carries with it the idea of unity, because it as three sides and three angles which are identical to one another in every respect, and yet are three distinct sides and angles.

F. R. Webber

Liturgicraft along with us as we use crayon resist watercolor to paint a bright stained glass equilateral triangle.

Step 1

Make an equilateral triangle using a protractor. Each angle is 60° and each side is equal in length, however big you make it. If you don’t have a protractor, download the FREE Trinity: Equilateral Triangle printable HERE and just print it out (you also get a bonus coloring sheet!). Because of the perspective in the above photo, the triangle does not appear to be equilateral, but it is!

Step 2

Using a black crayon on multimedia or watercolor paper (preferred), trace your equilateral triangle then add random spaces branching off of the triangle as stained glass would, but when your six year old insists on doing it herself, roll with it.

Step 3

Paint and display!

Lastly, display and enjoy being reminded of the equality of the Persons of the Trinity.

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