Stubbornly Lutheran Shirts & Gear

All designs are available in multiple styles and sizes of clothing (long sleeves, sweatshirts, onesies, etc), multiple colors as well on stickers, mugs, pillows, notebooks, totes, etc.

Baptism Saves Bro.
But Willing to Discuss Baptismal Regeneration
I Love (it when) My Husband
(properly distinguishes law and Gospel)
Is Means Is
Is Means Is – Boho Design
I am Baptized into Christ
I am Baptized Into Christ
I am Baptized Into Christ
The Elements
Sorry I’m Late!
I Was Discussing Theology
Baptism Delivers (Muted Colors)
Read Mark Learn Inwardly Digest (Muted Colors)
Y’all Need Liturgy – Light Colors
The Bible Says Whatever You Want…
Unless You Read What’s Written
Y’all Need Liturgy – Dark Colors
Baptism Delivers
The Dead Make No Decisions
The Dead Make No Decisions
In Case of Rapture,
I Will Have To Reexamine My Eschatology
I am Baptized into Christ
Alleluia, Lord to Whom Shall We Go?
Lex Orandi – Lex Credendi – Luther Seal
Y’all Need Liturgy – Luther Seal
Love God & Eat Boldly
(We’re pretty sure Luther said that)
Lex Orandi – Lex Credendi
Y’all Need Liturgy
Read. Mark. Learn. Inwardly Digest.
Reprint of John 1:1-7
from Gutenberg Bible
John 1:1-7 in Latin – Light Text
John 1:1-7 in Latin – Dark Text
Five Solas – Light Text
Five Solas – Dark Text
Human Rights Begin at Human
Distressed Luther Seal – Dark Shirts
Distressed Luther Seal – Light Shirts

Advent and Christmas

Put the Χριστός back in Xmas
It’s Not Christmas Yet –
Tis the Season to Repent
Ugly Advent Sweater Tee
Happy Liturgical New Year
Ugly Advent Sweater Tee
Savior of the Nations, Come
Ugly Advent Sweater Tee
Veni, Veni Emmanuel
Ugly Advent Sweater Tee
In Principio Erat Verbum
Et Verbum Erat Apud Deum
Ed Deus Erat Verbum
Ugly Advent Sweater Tee
Our Christmas Hymns are Better Than Yours
Ugly Advent Sweater Tee
Tis the Season to Repent
*Designed by a teenager
Ugly Advent Sweater Tee
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
Born to Set Thy People Free